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Games Cup 2021

International tournament for HTML5 mobile game developers. Best chance for independent developers and professional studios to make themselves known to the market

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a major event for the HTML games industry
Over 300   competitors
took part in the first three tournaments
4,8 million
rubles paid to winners
The tournament is organised by the Group and social networks, VK, Moi Mir (My World). Synergy of the four largest Russian Internet platforms provides participants with the best opportunity to promote and develop their gaming projects.

Nominations and prizes

The tournament is being held for the fourth time in 2021. This time, the organizers of the competition prepared even more prizes for development, visual creatives and game scenarios.

Genre nominations

Nominations for HTML5 game genres. Any games that use traditional mechanics and solutions are welcome.

Award for a casual game
Award for a casual game
Implementation of popular mechanics for a wide audience: three-in-a-row, puzzles, arcades, farms, slots, etc.
Award for a midcore or hardcore game
Award for a midcore or hardcore game
Nomination for games with complex challenges and high demands on players.
Award for a hyper-casual game
Award for a hyper-casual game
Games with some simple rules, low entry barriers, that have advertising monetization in addition to in-game purchases.

New idea

Award for a new idea. For an original game design, unusual social mechanics or innovative technology.

The most original game
The most original game
The jury will assess the whole contribution of ideas to the development of the HTML5 games industry, as well as the approach and general originality of the approach.


The winner in each categorywill receive downloads as well as cash!
Winners will receive:

  • Cash prizes: 300,000 rubles for each nomination;
  • 300,000 installs from each platform where the game has been hosted The game must be published within 3 months after the winner announcement to activate our coupons.

Special prizes

Лучший арт
Best art
Award for game designers, artists and illustrators. The jury will assess skills of the performances, creativity and stilistic attractiveness.
Best Screenplay
Best Screenplay
Award for narrative game designers and game writers for plot, worlds, dialogues, descriptions of game items. The Jury will evaluate texts and the playwriting.


Award owners of each nomination receive 200,000 rubles. This prize award can be combined with any other main category prizes.

Prizes from myTarget

Award owners will receive 15,000 rubles as a certificate to promote their game.
Doubling payment
Doubling payment
The first payment of participants will be doubled. The maximum bonus amount is up to 50,000 rubles, it can be activated within 6 months.

Assignments and deadlines

You can have just a prototype of the game and some sketches to participate in Games Cup 2021. Go for it, and get the chance to win in one of the nominations!

Accepting applications
24.05.2021 – 31.10.2021
Log on to the site and apply. You can submit games of varying degrees of maturity, and then finalize projects lateк as well as download MVP.
Game testing
01.11.2021 – 14.11.2021
Upload the game to one of the organizer's three gaming platforms. Copy the link to the game and complete the application for participation that you sent at the previous stage. Our jury will test all your games and winners in all these categories will be chosen.
Announcement of the winners and prize-winners
The jury will select three winners in each category and publish a shortlist on all platforms: VK, OK and MM. Summing up the results, we will award the winners of the Games Cup 2021 at an online award ceremony.


The Games Cup 2021 jury consists of representatives of Group IT Championships and social networks Odnoklassniki, VKontakte, MM and two independent experts for the most professional assessment of the games in the tournament.

Evgeny Polotnyanko
Head of OK gaming platform
Elizaveta Zharkova
Head of VK gaming platform
Mikhail Platonov
Head of MM gaming platform
Ilya Eremeev
Co-founder and Managing Partner в The Games Fund
Yury Krasilnikov
VP, Business Development in Belka Games
Vladimir Krasilnikov
Director of New Products at Pixonic
Dmitry Tsukanov
General Producer Nexters


Games Cup 2021 is an annual global tournament for mobile game developers, It was first organized in 2018. The championship annually brings together dozens of projects from gamedev studios and independent game creators. It has been organized by Russian social network Odnoklassniki, and then its scale was significantly expanded. Social networks VKontakte, Moi Mir and Group IT championships joined the tournament, and Games Cup became a part of the Group IT championships line.

Games Cup is a professional community of game developers. You are welcome to participate in the competition, both individually and in teams, no matter your skill-level. The projects of all participants are evaluated by representatives of big studios and gaming platforms. Participants of different years regularly consort, share cases and help each other to work most effectively with the audience of social networks.

Games Cup participants are new heroes. Over several years of organizing the tournament 13 new games received awards, and many games havealready gained popularity among Odnoklassniki and VKontakte users. Find out how they succeeded!


Who hosts and supports this year's tournament